Trine 2

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The three heroes reunite for more fantasy adventuring


  • Single and cooperative multiplayer modes
  • Fun puzzles
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great sound


  • Slightly fuzzy control
  • A little short

Very good

Trine 2 is a great looking and really playable puzzle platform game, with a beautiful fantasy setting and some ingenious gameplay.

Following on from the original of 2009, Trine 2 sees the three medieval heroes reuniting to save their kingdom again. There's the Zoya the thief, Pontius the knight and Amadeus the wizard, each with different abilities that you'll need to master to get through the game.

In terms of gameplay and presentation, Trine 2 feels like an improvement over it's pretty predecessor, while not being any kind of revolution. The story isn't fantastic, but it doesn't matter when the game is as good looking and fun to play as Trin 2 is. Medieval fantasy worlds can too often lack any individuality, but the beautiful levels of Trine 2 manage to create their own fairy tale feel.

Trine 2 adds online multiplayer, which allows you to jump into games of up to three people, each playing one character, cooperating through the game. Multiplayer is excellently integrated, making it a big improvement, while making perfect use of the three Trine characters.

Trine 2 is rarely a very challenging game, and movement is nowhere near as tight as classic platformers like Mario. This plays more like a fantasy Little Big Planet, which is no bad thing! If you're looking for a fun adventure that's easy to play and beautiful to look at, Trine 2 will be perfect.

Trine 2


Trine 2 Demo

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